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Achewood is an internet comic by Chris Onstad.  The strip stars three cats, two bears, a few robots, an otter, and a bunch of other hilarious creatures prone to drinking and doing things improperly.  Achewood’s format ranges from one-shots to months-long story arcs, but its consistent subject is the exquisite art of talking bullshit practiced by the average immature male.  What makes the comic so great is that, unlike so so so many other comedies about men being shallow and dumb, Achewood’s character’s don’t sit neatly in “type” roles.  There isn’t a stupid character, they’re all stupid.  They’re all smart too.   Onstad’s primary asset is his ability to be casually cerebral with his dialogue: in places where lesser writers would have a straight man set up a joke and a funny man deliver, Onstad has each character give as good as he gets, which keeps the dialogue sharp and the characters multi-dimensional.  It actually sounds like two (real) dudes bickering, rather than cat-shaped joke ciphers.  Great comedy just takes great characters, it’s as simple as that.

Go there are start clicking Random Comic, damnit.


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May 16, 2009 at 7:40 pm

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Simon Rich

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Simon RIch

Simon RIch

“Always open with a joke,” is what somebody probably said once.  So for my first trick, I present a few links with short comedy scenarios written by 22ish year old writer Simon Rich.  RIch is an awkward dweeb (see above) who has released one book, “Ant Farm”, which Jon Stewart (as is mentioned in every single blurb about Rich and even on the front of his book) called “hillarious.”  I’ve never found the context of that quote, but I am willing to support it.  Simon Rich writes mostly about everyday ironies, which is to say he writes mostly about childhood, since clusters of irony seem particularly prevalent in that region of life.  He has been published in the New Yorker and now writes for Saturday Night Live, which, when you think about it, should make you feel pretty pathetic.

The Wisdom of Childern (From the New Yorker)

Play Nice (Also from the New Yorker)

Animal Tales (He’s like the Donald Trump of getting jokes in the New Yorker)

For contrast, a pretty dull puff piece on the man from New York Magazine

Note: I just noticed that RIch has released another book called Free Range Chicken, but since I haven’t read it it really doesn’t exist for our purposes.

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September 24, 2008 at 2:58 am

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