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What it is about blogging, What is is I’m planning

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There are certain basic tried and tried maxims of “successful” blogging:

  • Link to other people
  • Publish original content
  • Post often

Maxim 1 and maxim 2 are mildly contradictory.  Usually the way they coexist is, you draw audience by linking other people (which brings in google searches, further linking, etc.), and then you keep “unique eyes” on your blog by providing unique commentary on what you linked.  Then, maxim 3, you do it a lot.  See below post for example.

It feels disingenuous to consciously employ this model.  If the only reason you’re covering a topic is to “rack up hits,” then the purpose of your blog is simply to exist.  Yet, if you don’t have followers, why blog?  Why write if you’re living in a shack in the woods of Siberia, hundreds of miles from any reader?

The other thing, which is sort of an unofficial maxim, is that you should write about current events.  Its especially great if you write about current events of the internet.  So and so said such on this blog, etc.  Authors have always loved writing about themselves, and if not about themselves, then about their other author friends.

Which is, I guess, the point of this blog, right?  This is a literature blog.  Even if it exists in the woods.

The Entirery of Walden can be read on Google Reader.

Speaking of below post, Brandon Scott Gorrell is having a short story contest. By the time you read this it will probably be closed.

Kindle users, you vile traitors, you can download The Trial for free from Project Gutenberg.

Or, if you prefer vodka to beer, here’s Uncle Vanya.

And I wrote a poem.

Tune in next time for a review of my friend’s album and 76% less introspection/existential dread.


Written by Peter Kelly

May 14, 2009 at 12:50 am

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