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An Investment Banker Bought Tao Lin’s Myspace

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Tao Lin’s latest internet stunt was selling his Myspace account, which he rode to his high-low (as opposed to low-low(-low), as in me) level of fame a few years ago, and it was apparently purchased by a young investment banker from JP Morgan.  I dunno.  The essay “Mr. Chen” wrote on why he bought the account (which can be seen in the second link I posted or on the myspace in question) is pretty funny/mildly believable, but a Chinese 20-something who went to NYU, took writing classes, felt pressure from his family and girlfriend, and is now an investment banker, sounds  a lot like a Tao Lin doppelganger.  And the writing is extremely Lin-esque at times.  Who knows.  The whole thing sounds custom tailored with curious twists to maximize potential press interest, which you have just experienced it doing.

P.S.- When are Shoplifting and Richard Yates coming out, Tao?


Written by Peter Kelly

May 7, 2009 at 12:18 am

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