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I have deep, passionate love for Google Reader.  Every morning I wonder, “What’s the internet say?” and Google Reader responds, “This.”

Here are the sites I subscribe to, so you can subscribe to them too, thus bringing about further fame, accolades, and pressure to succeed for the purveyors of these fine online institutions (listed as they appear on my Reader, which is alphabetically):

A Reader of Depressing Books(“*” is how it is listed): Tao Lin’s blog.  He’s an odd duck.  I’ve sent my poems and short fiction to a bunch of websites he’s been published at, but I guess those websites like Tao Lin and not Peter Kelly.

A Beautiful, Lofty Thing:  This is a blog curated by my e-friend Cari, her real friend Kari, and occassionally her boyfriend, Tim.  They’re great folks who post about feminism, movies, and everyday stuff like bowling and changing their blogger template.

a thinking fishstick:  This is the blog of Philadelphia based artist/musician/webboard poster “Jewels,” Scott Ratinoff.  I wish him tons of success and millions of dollars.

Achewood:  The best internet comic.  I think very soon I will make a blog post called “The Best Internet Comic” and it will contain my favorite Achewood strips, so that maybe somebody new will become a fan and will buy an Achewood t-shirt and Chris Onstad will make some more money.

another sucker on the vine:  Blog of British person “Andy.”  He writes about music and is a much better writer than he realizes.

Bitches I’d Put It To:  This is a “pictures of ladies” blog owned and operated by internet webboard poster Less Petty.  It’s pretty funny to me, but he needs a kick in the ass to post more regularly.

chatting with beyerstein:  This blog is still in its infancy but its a great idea: my e-friend Patrick posts chats with legendary Hipinion user Jason Beyerstein.  One of the first posts also contains a video of Beyerstein drinking four eggs, a la Rocky.  So far all the dialogues are between Patrick and Beyerstein, but he’s looking for outside submissions.

Cotton Veins:  …is a really cool photostream that I just found out no longer exists.  Bring it back, Stupid Ass!

Did You Get That Thing I Sent You?:  Just a really awesome blog by a handsome, magnanimous genius.

Haikuna Matada:  A lady named Lisa writes haiku.

If Destroyed, Still True:  A pretty good British blog about comics (the X-Men in particular), with some pop culture discussion thrown in.

Kausfiles:  Mickey Kaus is a pretty smart political writer for slate.com.  I like him because he isn’t terribly partisan/doesn’t seem to like anybody.

Letters To Look Forward To:  Above-mentioned Lisa writes imaginary letters to people famous and not so famous.   It’s a really funny blog.  FYI, since I’ve been outing everyone, she posts on the internet as Bread Astaire. 

Project 365, MK II: A “take a picture every day for a year” project by a good fella named Max.  Kid’s got a good eye.

Salon: H0w The World Works:  A really informative, substance-rich blog from Salon, a site whose content typically ranges from foamingly partisan garbage to ten page “exposes” scientifically proven to put you to sleep.  Post script: the site also has Cary Tennis, Dan Savage, and Garrison Keillor- how is it still boring?

Stereogum:  …I honestly think this happened by accident.

Subway Non-Fiction:  A just swell blog by my friend and roommate, Jonah.  He relays tales of  great “subway moments,” those fascinating cultural exchanges any big city resident is familiar with.

Tell The Tell:  An audio blog by Tim, the boyfriend who sometimes contributes to A Beautiful, Lofty Thing.

This Glass Is Half Drunk:  An aborted attempt at a movie blog?  Prove me wrong, Renna.  Prove me wrong.

UNDER THE MUCK:  A rockin blog about “Rock, Metal and Punk Beyond the First Tier” by awesome dad, Cory(internet user Grammatron).


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January 15, 2009 at 7:15 pm

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