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Grant Morrison

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It was inevitable that a comic book related post would happen, but I expected to delay it a bit, and while I always knew my opening statement in what would eventually unfold on this blog, (and has been unfolding, to the dismay of my friends, in real life for years) as a long treatise on the virtue of juxtaposed images and words arranged sequentially, would hinge on Grant Morrison, I expected, I say again, to delay this inevitability, until I had worked out an air-tight plan to convince the skeptical to take a dive into comics.

Unfortunately a few things recently happened:

  1. All-Star Superman, Morrison’s so-good-it’s-almost-silly 12-part summation of the myth of The Man of Steele, ended.
  2. Newsarama is in the process of dissecting the monumental work with its author through a 10-part interview.
  3. I watched the above youtube video and thought:
  • Grant Morrison is a loon, or a prophet, or both and,
  • That the ideas and experimental narrative techniques of a man who champions heavy drug intake and the earnest practice of magic are so celebrated and popular in the world of comics is testament to the boundary-pushing tendencies of the form, or to the boundary-pushing tendencies of the form’s core audience, or to both.

Grant Morrison is a Scottish comic book writer, screenwriter, and playwright. His has held famous stints on Animal Man, JLA, and New X-Men, and created many critically successful original titles, such as Seaguy, Flex Mentallo, and WE3. He is currently the writer on Batman and the DC limited series, Final Crisis.

This is some stuff about him:

An interview with ‘Arthur,’ a British counter culture magazine, wherein Morrison discusses witchcraft, the kaballah, the aboriginal Dreamtime, encountering and discussing with demons and aliens, and the ten years he spent on drugs.  This is the guy who writes Batman.

That Newsarama interview I was talking about, which is much more about comics than the previous interview.

And here’s part two of the video at the top of this post, if you’re interested.


Written by Peter Kelly

October 29, 2008 at 5:47 pm

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